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Behind Atika and Çukurkeyif Bahçe

Three things happened around the time I discovered Atika and Çukurkeyif Bahçe.

  1. Kylie Minogue came to play in Istanbul.
  2. I got offered a summer job so good I decided, after much mental to and fro, to stay in Turkey over summer instead of taking the job I had set up in England.
  3. I made a lemon drizzle cake.

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Behind Helvetia, Kosintza and Zazie

The post I’ve been most dreading. In fact one I was going to skirt over the worst parts and present a less personally unpleasant version of. Lying to yourself is easier the more you do it so I would almost have been offering a version that seemed true, even to me. Continue reading

Behind Çin Büfe, Changa, House Cafe and Taj Mahal

A Chinese, an Indian and a couple of fancier Turkish fusion places (here and here) – this was the beginning of my expat life as opposed to my Turkish girlfriend life. Continue reading

Behind Caretta and Güveççi Abdullah

I’ve been putting off writing this one as it means thinking about something I find deeply unpleasant.

It involves a student, but not the one I mentioned that was cute. A far more insidious person. I’m aware that in telling this story, I’ve been presenting myself in a more sympathetic light than I deserve. Continue reading