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Behind Atika and Çukurkeyif Bahçe

Three things happened around the time I discovered Atika and Çukurkeyif Bahçe.

  1. Kylie Minogue came to play in Istanbul.
  2. I got offered a summer job so good I decided, after much mental to and fro, to stay in Turkey over summer instead of taking the job I had set up in England.
  3. I made a lemon drizzle cake.

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Behind Helvetia, Kosintza and Zazie

The post I’ve been most dreading. In fact one I was going to skirt over the worst parts and present a less personally unpleasant version of. Lying to yourself is easier the more you do it so I would almost have been offering a version that seemed true, even to me. Continue reading

Behind Çin Büfe, Changa, House Cafe and Taj Mahal

A Chinese, an Indian and a couple of fancier Turkish fusion places (here and here) – this was the beginning of my expat life as opposed to my Turkish girlfriend life. Continue reading