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The Fairy Lady

Walking around Kristin Evihan’s atelier is like being in the workshop of the Creator of a Lilliputian race of people. Dozens of miniature glass heads line up along the shelves, waiting to be matched to one of the enamel and gold or silver bodies piled on the worktop and finished off with tiny metal feet. Destined to hang from chains of semi-precious stones as necklaces or from brooch settings, they are a huge evolution from the more traditional glass bead work that started Kristin’s career. Continue reading


Grand Bizarre

**In Time Out originally with a much weaker heading as I am crap at titles: I’m not eating that! Someone suggested this title afterwards.**

Part of any travelling experience is exploring the local food and every visitor to Turkey steps off the plane into the welcoming arms of the kebab stand, confident that this is the Real Deal. Which it is, of course. But the real adventure of Turkish cuisine is in venturing off the beaten track and eating the things that haven’t, and probably will never be, exported. Fancy a meal with a name sounding like ‘cockroach’? Anyone for sheep’s face? Continue reading

The case for pide as opposed to pizza

**This appeared with a longer text written by Joshua Kloke extolling the virtues of Italian pizza joints in Istanbul which we presented as a sort of debate. Pizza vs lamacun.** Continue reading

Did you know…..?

Be the geek at the back of your tour group with facts not even the guides all know. Continue reading

Spring Clean Your….Fridge

Given that the average fridge contains 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet, I dare to suggest that YOUR fridge might be harboring more potential little friends than your local meyhane. Time to de-gross it and throw out items past their sell-by-date. But wait, isn’t that wasteful? Couldn’t you do something a little more thrifty? Continue reading

Boyfriend Version 2.0

Turkish men are like the upgraded version of English men. They come with more programs and features and it would be very difficult to go back to the old model. However, some of the attachments you could do without and there are some design glitches when they hook up with foreign hardware.

The Turkish man needs a careful user who’s read the manual. Continue reading

My Pork Hunt

When I lived in Istanbul, I  smuggled substances into the country. I practiced my nonchalant face in the mirror, coolly handed over my suitcase at check-in and tried not to look nervous at the customs declaration point at Sabiha Gökchen. What would they have done if they’d found it? Continue reading