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Behind FastWok and Cezayir

There’s nothing massively significant about these places in themselves, other than the emphasis on international. Turkish food is amazing and varied but even that gets boring after a while and you start craving something otherly or Turkish but less predictable. It’ s a need for variety and spice that my boyfriend just never had and a constant indication of my potential for boredom due to lack of stimulation. Continue reading



5 *****

Zazie, crowned Time Out Food and Drink Award’s Best New Restaurant 2008, is one of those places that, the minute the doors swish shut and you enter the intimately lit bar, transports you to Any European Cosmopolitan City. Continue reading

Behind My Pork Hunt

The article My Pork Hunt was a lot of fun to write. Read the title out loud if your brain hasn’t already filled the gap before you and you’ll know why I was so pleased the editor let the title go through. Continue reading

Ranchero – Turk Mex

4 ****

The product of the owner’s Mexican and Turkish parents’ dream, Ranchero aims to bring home-made Mexican cuisine to Istanbul.  It might have taken them since 1977 to realize their goal but if most of that time went into planning the extensive menu, it was worth the wait. Continue reading

Istanbul Freeze Out

I can’t believe I haven’t written a post for this before. It was such a characteristic, frequently occurring part of my relationship.

The Freeze Out. A punishing silence that communicates more than words ever could that “You have displeased me.” Continue reading

Behind Konyalılar Etli Ekmek

There’s not too much to say about Konyalılar Etli Ekmek itself. It was the from the second issue of Time Out Istanbul that I wrote all the reviews for, so I was feeling more sure of my position there. A friend had also started writing for them again and it very much became a central part of my life in Istanbul. Something I was doing for myself. Continue reading

Diet and Binge on Turkish Food

I don’t own up to the four or five kilos of fat I have acquired in Turkey when I am checking my bags in at the airport.  If they would let me swap it for extra books or shoes in my hand baggage maybe I would find the strength of will to dodge the daily temptations of Turkish cuisine.  Just the journey from the metro to my flat runs the gauntlet of bakeries, kebab stands, börekçisis, open buffet lokantas and tost büfes. Continue reading