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Crepe & Fondue

4 ****

The urge to comfort eat must come from a time when our ancestors hibernated and stuffed themselves beforehand to provide that extra layer of fat for surviving until spring.  What better way to satisfy such a primitive need than vats of melted cheese and melted chocolate? I was already sold on this basic premise alone but learnt there is much more to fondue at this small, friendly restaurant. Continue reading


Güveççi Abdullah 1944 – Stew you!


Despite working round the corner for 3 months, I never noticed this restaurant (Aytar Cad 14/A, 1 Levent) and am now mourning all the missed opportunities for dining there.  More noticeable at night when it is all lit up with red and orange lanterns, Güveççi Abdullah is a cosy 2 floor restaurant with live music and congenial staff.  Fortunately the live music takes the form of background dining music rather than the irritating, in your face, table visiting bands in Meyhanes. Continue reading