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5 *****

Fish restaurants in Istanbul can get a bit samey, varying only in how much they charge for simple plates of grilled or fried fish. Kosinitza, a Time Out Food and Drink Award’s nominee in 2008, allows far more scope for originality by using fish and seafood as ingredients in dishes, rather than as the only thing on the plate. Continue reading


Ranchero – Turk Mex

4 ****

The product of the owner’s Mexican and Turkish parents’ dream, Ranchero aims to bring home-made Mexican cuisine to Istanbul.  It might have taken them since 1977 to realize their goal but if most of that time went into planning the extensive menu, it was worth the wait. Continue reading

Konyalılar Etli Ekmek

3 ***

The description I had to go on from the people that recommended this lokanta to me was “thin bread with meat”. Er…so it’s döner kebab then?  Or pide?  My excitement managed to contain itself even when I found that Turkish food critics heap praise on it and I set out sceptically.  How different could it be? Continue reading

Hidiv Kasri – Ottoman style

4 *** 

There are good ways to get all the way out to Hidiv Kasrı near Kanlıca and then there’s the wrong way.  Don’t get on a bus from Üsküdar going in the general direction of Beykoz, get off in Kavacık and walk for 40 minutes, following signs for Hıdiv Kasrı.  Continue reading

Genç Kebab – I’ll never tire of it, never!

5 *****

I’ve eaten here as many times as at nearby Kanaat, more if you count the number of times we have taken food away, or, when we were being really lazy, ordered in.  This blog is starting to make it look like I can’t cook which is totally untrue.  Not only can I cook, I can cook some Turkish things as well as some people’s mothers but until I get some kind of big fat diamond finger adornment, I won’t be in the kitchen every night just because my Turkish boyfriend refuses to learn to cook.  Actually he can make a plain omelette, salad and, once, with detailed phone guidance, boiled pasta. Continue reading