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Kebapçı Iskender – Long live the Kebab King!

6 ******

To paraphrase Bruce Springsteen talking about Elvis, there may be pretenders, there may be contenders but there can only be one Kebab King.

Kebapçı Iskender  in Beşiktaş is the original  Bursa Iskender, or, at least, it belongs to the chain that sprang from the first 1850’s one.  Or, at the very least, it is part of the chain that claims to be the original.  I’m not convinced anyone can actually prove ownership of something now so ubiquitous, but the important thing is how good it tastes and that can easily be proved with a trip up the hill in Beşiktaş (Ihlamur, Yıldız Yolu No: 6). Continue reading


Börek – forget the diet

6 ******

The good news about eating börek whilst in Turkey is that you can  eat it practically everywhere and it’s always amazing.  A greasy, pastry, salty indulgence that’s a daily temptation to anyone in the country, especially to those on the tired cucumber and sad tomato breakfast thrown in free by cheap hotels. Continue reading