This is a happy sad blog. It is a blog that was born, lived gloriously, and was murdered. It was stripped, beaten and left for dead.

Yet simply because the email address it was connected to had also been dismembered the barest skeleton of it could not be destroyed.

And then, after I ceased mourning it, it appeared as a ghost of an idea.

“My flesh remains, my juices linger,” it whispered….

…Enough of this syrupy prose, I must be getting sentimental. This blog was so much fun to write when I lived in Istanbul, it got loads of hits (22, 000) as it was primarily restaurant reviews and I was so into Turkish cuisine and the city that I blogged regularly and ended up writing for Time Out off the back of it. There I grappled with more than just restaurant reviews but I was just as passionately interested in everything the city had to offer.

So…all the published articles remain as docs on my hard drive, the print versions can be scanned and maybe a little bit of the narrative of my Turkey and beyond can go in the gaps. It’s sad that some of the posts which I never submitted to Time Out are gone forever and I’m not sure I could rewrite them from memory***. Some of the restaurants no longer exist I expect, I’ll make sure to check before sending you off down some twisty turn in Istanbul’s teaming backstreets.

But, for the ones that are still thriving, I doubt much has changed since I wrote the reviews in 2008/9 as it’s that kind of city. The same things roll on for centuries and new ones spring up in their shade like wildflowers. For the ones that have disappeared, go anyway and see what’s there now. Even if it doesn’t lead to lunch, it’s bound to have something to fascinate along the way.


*** The miracle of the resurrection is made possible by the Glory of Our Father the Internet. I am going to divide my life savings and undying gratitude between this site archive.org and the person who led me to it. It is essentially a historical snapshot of the internet at various points and my whole dead and buried blog is there with more than I even remembered I had lost.


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