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Grand Bizarre

**In Time Out originally with a much weaker heading as I am crap at titles: I’m not eating that! Someone suggested this title afterwards.**

Part of any travelling experience is exploring the local food and every visitor to Turkey steps off the plane into the welcoming arms of the kebab stand, confident that this is the Real Deal. Which it is, of course. But the real adventure of Turkish cuisine is in venturing off the beaten track and eating the things that haven’t, and probably will never be, exported. Fancy a meal with a name sounding like ‘cockroach’? Anyone for sheep’s face? Continue reading


The case for pide as opposed to pizza

**This appeared with a longer text written by Joshua Kloke extolling the virtues of Italian pizza joints in Istanbul which we presented as a sort of debate. Pizza vs lamacun.** Continue reading

Behind Did you know…?

This is a nice piece motivated from a nice place. Despite the fact he was never interested in my writing for Time Out, not really, I came up with the Ten Facts You Wouldn’t Find Out Without a Guide and was really happy I had a chance to share the writing of something with him. Continue reading

Did you know…..?

Be the geek at the back of your tour group with facts not even the guides all know. Continue reading

Behind Tünel Lokantası and White Mill

Tünel Lokantası and White Mill are about the last two restaurants that fall behind the demarcation line of when I really started to cheat on my boyfriend.  OK, so I had already done that technically, but I didn’t feel like I was in the sense that it had no effect on our relationship. I didn’t want to be with Croc, I was using him because I was alone and I needed the attention. I felt contempt for him much of the time I think, disguised under a camaraderie that I also genuinely felt. Continue reading

White Mill

4 ****

From the street, White Mill looks Continue reading

Tünel Lokantası

**This restaurant is no longer there but whatever must have taken its place is well worth going to as this was the terrace** Continue reading