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Boyfriend Version 2.0

Turkish men are like the upgraded version of English men. They come with more programs and features and it would be very difficult to go back to the old model. However, some of the attachments you could do without and there are some design glitches when they hook up with foreign hardware.

The Turkish man needs a careful user who’s read the manual. Continue reading


A brief and hopefully pleasantly reminscent interlude

I am feeling bad that I’ve not said anything nice about my boyfriend. Nothing giving much hint as to why I was with him in the first place which in the end makes it seem like he was all bad and I was an idiot who just took the nearest available man for no real reason then tied myself up in knots over it instead of just ending it. As if I were that desperate to be in a relationship. Continue reading

Behind My Pork Hunt

The article My Pork Hunt was a lot of fun to write. Read the title out loud if your brain hasn’t already filled the gap before you and you’ll know why I was so pleased the editor let the title go through. Continue reading

My Pork Hunt

When I lived in Istanbul, I  smuggled substances into the country. I practiced my nonchalant face in the mirror, coolly handed over my suitcase at check-in and tried not to look nervous at the customs declaration point at Sabiha Gökchen. What would they have done if they’d found it? Continue reading

Behind Meşhur Adıyaman Çiğ Köftecisi and Ranchero

The reviews for Meşhur Adıyaman Çiğ Köftecisi and Ranchero were written for an issue of Time Out Istanbul with the theme of heat. So, I trawled the city for restaurants with some kick and my life for some far more dangerous spice by going to both of them with males who were not my boyfriend. Continue reading

Ranchero – Turk Mex

4 ****

The product of the owner’s Mexican and Turkish parents’ dream, Ranchero aims to bring home-made Mexican cuisine to Istanbul.  It might have taken them since 1977 to realize their goal but if most of that time went into planning the extensive menu, it was worth the wait. Continue reading

Meşhur Adıyaman Ciğ Köftecisi

3 ***

Çiğ köfte, one of the spiciest Turkish foods, means ‘raw meatballs’ and is usually prepared with the leanest meat, bulghur, tomato paste and spices and kneaded for hours to get the right consistency.  On my hunt for heat in Istanbul I found Adıyaman Ciğ Köftecisi a place that not only specializes in the dish but makes it without meat (et siz).

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