Hüsrev – Black Sea Kurufasulye Magic

5 *****

Comfort eating Turkish style means Kuru Fasulye, a vastly superior version of the baked beans Heinz could only wish one of their 57 varieties equalled.

Hüsrev has been serving up its Black Sea home cooking since 1928 and is now quite a grand affair, complete with uniformed valets and a doorman. The menu and prices, though, thankfully remain closer to its Rize based lokanta origins.

Two walls full of write ups from Turkish newspapers and photographs of celebrity diners attest to its standing amongst locals as the Kuru Fasulye place, although I wondered if ‘world famous white beans’ was pushing it a bit. But if I am the first to record its glory in English, and world domination ensues, I’m happy to take responsibility.

What transforms beans and rice from a soggy student staple to Cuisine Feat is the butter imported from the Black Sea. Every mouthful manages to be so full of buttery taste you eat long past hunger is satiated. To have dessert would only get in the way of holding onto the memory for as long as possible.

Unfortunately for vegetarians, although this sounds like a meat free dish, it is cooked and served with chunks of veal. There are a couple of vegetable based dishes but this is probably a place to come to indulge your meat eating friends. No alcohol.

Dedeman İş Merkezi, Yıldız Posta Caddesi No: 48/1 Gayrettepe



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