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Hüsrev – Black Sea Kurufasulye Magic

5 *****

Comfort eating Turkish style means Kuru Fasulye, a vastly superior version of the baked beans Heinz could only wish one of their 57 varieties equalled. Continue reading


Crepe & Fondue

4 ****

The urge to comfort eat must come from a time when our ancestors hibernated and stuffed themselves beforehand to provide that extra layer of fat for surviving until spring.  What better way to satisfy such a primitive need than vats of melted cheese and melted chocolate? I was already sold on this basic premise alone but learnt there is much more to fondue at this small, friendly restaurant. Continue reading

Behind Konyalılar Etli Ekmek

There’s not too much to say about Konyalılar Etli Ekmek itself. It was the from the second issue of Time Out Istanbul that I wrote all the reviews for, so I was feeling more sure of my position there. A friend had also started writing for them again and it very much became a central part of my life in Istanbul. Something I was doing for myself. Continue reading

Konyalılar Etli Ekmek

3 ***

The description I had to go on from the people that recommended this lokanta to me was “thin bread with meat”. Er…so it’s döner kebab then?  Or pide?  My excitement managed to contain itself even when I found that Turkish food critics heap praise on it and I set out sceptically.  How different could it be? Continue reading

Behind Otantik

Otantik was a place I took visiting friends. Therefore it had to have always been a place I had a great time because, I quickly realised and just as quickly smothered from my upper conscious, friends visits were about the only time I truly felt myself and genuinely laughed – deep, uncontrollable laughter as opposed to minor, half- hearted, polite or humouring laughter. Continue reading