Taj Mahal – A warning

I’ll preface this by saying I’m not completely sure this restaurant still exists or that the one that turns up in Google is the same one. Anyway, I always loved this review. The bad ones are the most fun to write.


This is not so much a review as a public service announcement.  I’m not even going to give you the address, as if you don’t know you can’t try and find it.  I’ll say it’s in Cihangir just to help you identify it, should you wander across it.  And if you already know it, surely you’re not thinking of going back?

Having said that, the only 3 other people I know that have eaten there don’t seem to be as offended by it as I was.  I put this down to their nationalities.  A Frenchman who recommended it and an American and a Turk who thought it wasn’t that bad.  But I’m English and I’d like to know what they know about what constitutes a good curry?  We have got it too good in this respect in the UK and as such, when I have the urge for an Indian, the curry has to be as great as it is there to satisfy it.  I know I sound pompous but it’s not like I’m trying to say I am a Master Curry Chef myself, just that I’ve eaten a lot.

At university in Manchester there was a road called The Curry Mile. OK, maybe not on official maps but everyone knew where you meant even though it was probably only about half a mile long.  Of the 40 or so restaurants we must have worked our way through half of them by the end of our degrees.  I remember more about the curry houses than I do about the Philosophy I was supposedly studying.

So, when I was having the curry DTs and was taken to the Taj Mahal, I had some level of anticipation.  I knew I was in trouble when they didn’t have poppadoms. WHAT KIND OF INDIAN CAN NOT HAVE POPPADOMS?????  What are people supposed to do when they’re looking at the menu if they can’t eat so many poppadoms with mango chutney that they’re already feeling full when the food comes? And is it picky to point out that pide is not naan?

Anyway, I managed not to stomp out in a huff and we ordered 3 dishes, rice and naan.  Standard stuff and I can’t remember what the dishes were  called but as it turned out their names would be irrelevant as they all tasted exactly the same.

And the main flavour was salt.

I don’t need a curry to be really hot, but I do have as a basic requirement that it tastes of curry.  And how much salt? I was still draining pints of water hours later as my body desperately tried to halt its own mummification.



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