Güveççi Abdullah 1944 – Stew you!


Despite working round the corner for 3 months, I never noticed this restaurant (Aytar Cad 14/A, 1 Levent) and am now mourning all the missed opportunities for dining there.  More noticeable at night when it is all lit up with red and orange lanterns, Güveççi Abdullah is a cosy 2 floor restaurant with live music and congenial staff.  Fortunately the live music takes the form of background dining music rather than the irritating, in your face, table visiting bands in Meyhanes.

Güveç is a casserole cooked in an earthenware pot and most lokantas have it in its basic meat and veg incarnation. I didn’t know just how much more there could be to it than that and give big points to the picture menu that helped me choose from the huge selection. Vegetable, potato or salmon güveç as well as a special stew served in a tall pot – dramatically broken open at the table – are offerred, as well as kebabs, kofte and other Turkish dishes.  Güveç is simple and satisfying, especially in winter and the potato version more than dealt with my hunger without delivering any major taste surprises.  A börek starter of pachanga (made with pastirma – dried cured beef) was good if very salty and the waiter’s recommended aubergine dish, served with yoghurt was excellent.

Dessert was ice-cream filled sugary sweet cake thing.  Much like all the other syrupy concoctions in any restaurant and not significantly more interesting with the ice-cream addition.  Prices reasonable especially for Etiler.


Branch also at Kalamiş Fener Cad 100 A Fenerbahce


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