Behind Tünel Lokantası and White Mill

Tünel Lokantası and White Mill are about the last two restaurants that fall behind the demarcation line of when I really started to cheat on my boyfriend.  OK, so I had already done that technically, but I didn’t feel like I was in the sense that it had no effect on our relationship. I didn’t want to be with Croc, I was using him because I was alone and I needed the attention. I felt contempt for him much of the time I think, disguised under a camaraderie that I also genuinely felt. Continue reading

White Mill

4 ****

From the street, White Mill looks Continue reading

Tünel Lokantası

**This restaurant is no longer there but whatever must have taken its place is well worth going to as this was the terrace** Continue reading

Behind Spring Clean Your Fridge

We need some light relief at this point I think. At least I thought it was light relief until I sat down and looked at the timing and the title – Spring Clean Your Fridge. Continue reading

Spring Clean Your….Fridge

Given that the average fridge contains 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet, I dare to suggest that YOUR fridge might be harboring more potential little friends than your local meyhane. Time to de-gross it and throw out items past their sell-by-date. But wait, isn’t that wasteful? Couldn’t you do something a little more thrifty? Continue reading

Behind Helvetia, Kosintza and Zazie

The post I’ve been most dreading. In fact one I was going to skirt over the worst parts and present a less personally unpleasant version of. Lying to yourself is easier the more you do it so I would almost have been offering a version that seemed true, even to me. Continue reading


3 ***

Amongst the trendy bars, boisterous meyhanes and ‘in’ places to eat in Asmalı Mescit, Helvetia is an unassuming, almost unmarked, place that beckons you in with a warm hug rather than a ‘Daahling! Mwah, mwah’. Continue reading